Follow Up: Are the Avengers a Greater Destructive Force than Hurricane Sandy?

First off if you’re reading this from the East coast, I’m glad you’re ok. Its easy for us thousands of miles away to make light of things but we do really hope you and yours braved through the storm.

That being said, given the popularity of Will’s original post I thought the internets might like a follow up with some hearsay and stats.

As Will stated previously, the Kinetic Analysis Co compiled a report on behalf of the Hollywood Reporter estimating the cost of damages caused by the Chitauri invasion at $160 billion (USD).

So far estimates of Sandy’s destructive bill are between 20 and 50 billion dollars.

Kinetic estimates that nearly two dozen buildings were damaged or destroyed in the Avengers and the Chitauri, but most of this damaged was localized within Manhattan.  Hurricane Sandy spread across the eastern sea board, leaving hundreds of residential homes flooded or destroyed.

Its appears thus a NYC devastated by acts of gods for entertainment purposes has the clear financial edge over a NYC devastated by an act of god for no reason at all.

So, are the Avengers a more powerful destructive force than a hurricane? Clearly yes. Katrina, the most destructive hurricane in US history, cleared $90 billion in damages only 56% of the Avengers total.

Can the Avengers be topped? Certainly. Last year the Cabinet office of Japan estimated the cost of the 2011 tsunami at over $200 billion.

Its worth noting Kinetic originally estimated the financial cost of the tsunami at $122 billion, so their estimate of the Chitauri invasion may prove conservative. Or at least could if the scenario wasn’t entirely fictional.

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